Road Map

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    12/21/2017: Scheduled fork of ZCash.


    01/08/2018: The first version of coin.

    01/30/2018: The mainnet network was started. The first block was extracted.

    02/19/2018: Started official pool.

    02/23/2018: The 10000 block was extracted.

    05/21/2018: Launched Block Explorer.

    05/21/2018: Released first version.

    05/23/2018: Launched on Bitcointalk.

    06/12/2018: GUI wallet for Linux and Windows.

    07/20/2018: Launched Web Wallet.

    Add to listing in several Exchange

    Add Sapling Consensus rules.

    Mobile Wallet.

    Integration with Lightning Network.


    The full code refactoring, transfer the kernel to QT.

    Transfer assembly all project to Cmake.