Road Map

  • Completed task

  • Ongoing task

  • Upcoming task


    12/21/2017: Scheduled fork of ZCash.


    01/08/2018: The first version of coin.

    01/30/2018: The mainnet network was started. The first block was extracted.

    02/19/2018: Started official pool.

    02/23/2018: The 10000 block was extracted.

    05/21/2018: Launched Block Explorer.

    05/21/2018: Released first version.

    05/23/2018: Launched on Bitcointalk.

    06/12/2018: GUI wallet for Linux and Windows.

    07/20/2018: Launched Web Wallet.

    09/01/2018: Added to listing in several Exchanges

    Add Sapling Consensus rules.

    Mobile Wallet.

    Integration with Lightning Network.


    The full code refactoring, transfer the kernel to QT.