A decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency providing a high level of confidentiality.


Shielded transactions hide the sender, the recipient and the amount on the blockchain.


Asofe made simple and intuitive to use for everyone.

Better Blockchain Technology

  • What is Asofe?

    This is a decentralized cryptocurrency with open-source code combining the reliability of Bitcoin and anonymity due to the mechanism of shielded transactions which hide the sender, recipient, and value on the blockchain.

  • Confidentiality

    The Bitcoin network payment assumes a highly decentralized mechanism for the creation and transfer of electronic money around the world. The blockchain of Bitcoin is built in such a way that anyone can find out where, from where and how much money was sent. Due to the blockchain mechanism, it can never be changed by anyone. In our time, when privacy comes to the fore, we need more reliable mechanisms for hiding and protecting our personal data. One of such mechanisms was created and named zk-SNARKs, also, known as Zero-knowledge proofs.

  • Application using this blockchain

    Due to the latest achievements of cryptography such as Zero-knowledge proofs, it is possible to create safe and reliable applications. This is especially in demand in the corporate sector.